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Summer's Here. It's Time to Take Graphics to the Street


Streets and sidewalks become a promotional canvas with Avery Graphics MPI 6121 Street Graphics film. It's perfect for outdoor surfaces and short-term graphics during the summer. MPI 6121 features patent-pending micro-fracture technology that enables the film to conform to very rough surfaces by fracturing and conforming to them. Colors really pop with excellent print performance that is ideal for digital UV-curable inks and receptive to solvent and eco-solvent inks. 

MPI 6121 Street Graphics film is a 1.8 mil non-PVC film designed for rough outdoor surfaces and street graphics – it’s durable for six months of foot traffic and three months of vehicle traffic, making streets and sidewalks a canvas for promotional graphics.

The patent-pending micro-fracture technology enables the film to conform to very rough surfaces by fracturing and conforming to them. Because of this, moisture can channel through, limiting water pooling and reducing slip hazards.


Some tips and tricks for printing and cleaning the surface area for MPI 6121 Street Graphics film:


-          We recommend printing MPI 6121 with the MPI 1005 printer profile.

-          It is highly recommended that a low tack premask be used for the application of MPI 6121 Street Graphics such as ApliTape™ 4000 low tack for inkjet solvent. For UV inkjet, it may be necessary to use a higher tack pre-mask. Be sure to test print and apply pre-mask to confirm compatibility.

-          This material is not recommended for cut letter or intricate cut graphics. As the material is designed to crack and fracture, weeding will be difficult at serifs and with intricate designs.

-          When light eco or true solvent printing, the material must be allowed to dry a minimum of 24 hours, loosely wound. The cure of the inks should be tested by rubbing the printed image, or test patch, to ensure the ink does not smear.

-          The surface must be clean and swept with a push broom. A leaf blower and push broom will aid in prep time.

-          The surface must be completely dry. Check all cracks, pits, and crevices for any remaining moisture.


Detailed instructions for applying MPI 6121 Street Graphics are included in the Instructional Bulletin,


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Photo courtesy of Image Options

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