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Tasty Window Graphics Printed on Avery Graphics Window Perf Film

Bernardino's Gourmet Foods in Burlington, Ontario carries only the freshest, most flavorful food. When they wanted to create graphics for their windows, they turned to their local FASTSIGNS. Caroline Peer, the Graphic/Production Designer, designed the windows with crisp, colorful images and printed them on Avery MPI 2728 Perforated Window Film with DOL 1560 Optically Clear overlaminate. 

Bernardino’s was opened in 2003 by the husband and wife team of Jose and Elena Geada, with the goal of carrying and serving food that is simple, fresh and flavorful. The Geada’s brought the high impact images they had chosen to the FASTSIGNS in Hamilton, Ontario, to create and print the graphics.

The window graphics focus on the products that Bernardino’s carries in its international, gourmet deli with exceptionally colorful images of food for the store’s nine windows. Caroline turned to Avery Graphics MPI 2728 Perforated Window film and DOL 1560 Optically Clear overlaminate to print the graphics and protect them.  


Avery MPI 2728 Perforated Window Film is a flexible calendered film that is ideal for exterior-mount one-way visual panels. The graphics are visible from the front, or outside of Bernardino’s, and invisible from the back, or inside of the restaurant. The 65/35 perforation pattern provides an open area of 35 % allowing high quality images while providing a one-way graphic panel. MPI 2728 is easy to install and remove and conforms to flat surfaces.


Avery DOL 1560 Optically Clear is a premium, ultimate cast overlaminate. Avery optically-clear film is highly conformable and designed for applications that require high durability and 100% optical clarity, such as window graphics. It is recommended for use with Avery Graphics perforated window films.


“It was a hot day here, in the 80’s, for the installation,” said Caroline. “Everything went well despite the heat and the window graphics add a lot of color to the outside of Bernardino’s. The client is very happy with the results.”


You can follow Caroline and Fast Signs on Twitter @FASTSIGNS_677 and see more photos of the window graphics at http://twitpic.com/photos/FASTSIGNS_677.

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