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Avery / Mutoh Car Wrap Training Program Classes in March and April Sell Out, Register Now!

There are six Avery Dennison/Mutoh Car Wrap Training Program sessions still open in June, September and October 2012. Our first four sessions sold out quickly so if you want to learn from Justin Pate in 2012 - sign up now! In addition to installation techniques, we're offering a new class on design, layout and front-end customer work with expert Todd LaBrie. Avery Dennison certification tests will also be offered in conjunction with each session. 

Avery Dennison has partnered with Mutoh America, CroftGate USA, ONYX and Knifeless Tape to offer the Avery Dennison/Mutoh Car Wrap Training Program sessions in 2012.  The sessions are selling out very quickly this year and got great reviews in 2011. One participant from Georgia shared, “I really learned a lot in the class and it has really been paying off in the time I save at work.”


New in 2012 is a session on the third day from 12:30 – 5 p.m. that will be led by wrap industry veteran, Todd LaBrie, and cover vehicle wrap design, layout and customer service for $99.


Justin Pate, one of the world’s most recognized and accomplished wrap applicators, is back for another full year of teaching. Each session consists of two days of training and an optional third day for a wrap certification test in the morning and a design and layout class in the afternoon. Training sessions will focus on all of the critical steps needed to improve the quality and speed of car wrap installations. Class sizes will be maintained at a maximum of 17 students to allow for more one on one teaching. The subjects that will be covered include:


·       Tools

·       Properties of the film

·       Removals

·       Cleaning

·       UGIS: Universal Graphic Installation System

·       Layout/Key Panel

·       Registration

·       Problem Solving

·       Hardware Removals

·       Post Install Tips


Participants of the class will receive an NT Cutter A-551P knife, Avery Toolkit including print media and laminate, and a Martor safety box.


Sessions available in 2012 includes:


June 7-9 (T-S)             Toronto, ON CA  

June 11-13 (M-W)           Los Angeles, CA  


September 10-12(M-W)            Wharton, NJ  

September 13-15 (T-S)           Chicago, IL  


October 22-24 (M-W)           Houston, TX  

October 25-27 (T-S)           Seattle, WA      


(M-W) Monday - Wednesday
(T-S)  Thursday - Saturday

The Avery Dennison Certification test will be given on the third day of each session from 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. In 2011, 84 wrap installers were certified by Avery Dennison.


Costs for 2012

1/2 Day Design (max 25 attendees)              |    $99
Certification Test (max 17 attendees)          |    $299

Full 2 Day Training (max 17 attendees)         |    $459
Full 2 Day Training + 1/2 Day Design           |    $599
Full 2 Day Training + Certification Test       |    $699
Full 2 Day Training + 1/2 Day Design +         |    $799
Certification Test                             

For details on location, times and registration, visit our website . In addition, participants can submit requests to our technical service department (grpd.technicalservice@averydennison.com ) prior to the class explaining specific areas of interest and what they want to learn. These inquiries will be fit into the curriculum as appropriate.


For more information on Avery Graphics products, printers can visitwww.averygraphics.com to locate a distributor (on the Partner Page) or contact Avery Dennison at 800-282-8379.

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