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Ambulance Graphics Are a Breeze with Avery Dennison's Easy Apply RS Technology

Road Rage Designs has found a niche market in wrapping ambulances for private company providers. As cash-strapped counties and municipalities look for opportunities to outsource and the population in the United States continues to age, a growing market for graphics and even full wraps are private ambulance companies. Avery Dennison offers several digital reflective products with our patented Easy Apply RS technology that makes creating and installing graphics for these vehicles a breeze. 

Road Rage Designs, based in Spring Grove, Illinois, has wrapped nearly 20 ambulances for A-TEC, a private ambulance company, with a variety of Avery Dennison reflective and digital products. In addition, Road Rage used Avery Supreme Wrapping Film to wrap several ambulances for another private Chicago-area ambulance company to create an exciting, unique look.


“We’ve found that the owners of the private ambulance companies in our area are very similar in personality to sports car owners,” said Kris Harris of Road Rage. “They want their ambulances to stand out and have better and cooler graphics than their competitors.”


The partial wraps for A-TEC are created with Avery Dennison HV 1200 high visibility, screen printable reflective films that feature Easy Apply RS technology and are laminated with DOL 1360 gloss overlaminate.


HV1200 Reflective high performance vinyl films are premium quality, enclosed lens, retro-reflective films which meet or exceed the applicable requirements ASTM® D-4956 for reflectivity. Specifically designed for screen printing as well as use on computer sign cutting equipment, Avery Dennison HV 1200 Reflective films provide excellent cutting, weeding, transferring, and conforming characteristics while providing 24 hour visibility on the road. 


The top five most popular colors in the HV 1200 series, white, blue, red, black and yellow, are available with Easy Apply RS technology, providing air egress technology in addition to repositionability and slideability – making the films simpler and quicker to install on vehicles and many other substrates.


Standards regulating graphics on private company ambulances vary by state and municipality but the word ambulance has to be created with reflective film in a standard size. Ambulances must also feature the Star of Life, which, in the United States, is used as a stamp of authentication or certification for ambulances.


Federal regulations have been proposed to standardize graphics on ambulances but haven’t been passed into law. Proposals thus far have included a grandfather clause for ambulances with existing graphics.


Road Rage recently installed graphics on several ambulances for 1stResponse EMS in Chicago. The design included the City of Chicago skyline, along the sides of the ambulance, which was cut on a plotter with Avery Supreme Wrapping Film Black Gloss. Road Rage also chose Avery Supreme Wrapping Film Carmine Red to complete the graphic design.


Harris noted that, “Unless the ambulance gets hit, which does happen, the private companies tend to keep the graphics for long periods of time before coming back for a new design.” To learn more about Road Rage Designs, please visit


For more information on Avery Dennison products, pricing or roll sizes, designers and printers can visit to locate a distributor (on the Partner Page) or contact Avery Dennison at 800-282-8379 for additional product information.

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