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Avery Dennison / Mutoh Car Wrap Training Classes Are Hot!

The Avery/Mutoh Car Wrap Training classes are filling up fast. Summer 2012 classes are sold out so don't miss the sessions in Houston, and Seattle in September and October! Sign up before it's too late! Avery Dennison wrap certification exams are given at the end of each class. Congratulations to 13 graphic installers who recently passed the Avery Dennison Car Wrap Certification exam. 

The Avery/Mutoh Car Wrap Training classes are taught by Justin Pate, a globally recognized graphic installer. Attendees obtain an in-depth understanding of graphic installation techniques to gain a competitive advantage in the vehicle wrap industry.  All classes are taught using Avery MPI 1005 Supercast Easy Apply RS, a popular choice with installers because it is easy to use and quick to install with excellent printability.


Congratulations to these graphic installers who passed the Avery Dennison Car Wrap Certification exam:


San Francisco, CA

Lee Keiper and Matt Tanner, Color Zone, http://www.colorzone.com, (Benicia, CA)

Doug Templer, Sun Scape Window Tinting, http://www.sunscapetint.com, (Central Point, OR)

William Wong, Wraps in Motion, (Santa Rose, CA)


Burnaby, ON

Peter Cizmar

Razvan Duta

Pierre Goyette, SpeedPro Vernon, http://www.speedpro.com, (Winnipeg, MB)

Tyson Muller, Underwraps, http://www.underwrapsadvertising.ca, (Kamloops, BC)

Dan Nisely, FastSigns Coquitlam, http://www.fastsigns.com/669-coquitlam-bc-canada, (Toronto, ON)


Toronto, ON

Brittany Mercedes Blasis, Harvey Neon & Digital Imaging,http://www.harveyneon.com, (Ottawa, ON)

William Leduan and Lavstida Yanex, Prime Imaging, http://www.prime-imaging.com/company.htm (Ontario, ON)

Alex Malykhin, The Silver Sign Mediahttp://www.thesilversign.com, (Concord, ON)

Alex Severin, Toronto Sign Services, http://www.torontosignservices.com, (Toronto, ON)


Los Angeles, CA

Benjamin Nussbaum, Metropolitan Detail, http://metropolitandetail.com, (Bellevue, WA)


The wrap certification exam is given immediately after each Avery/Mutoh Car Wrap Training session – giving attendees the opportunity to put the skills they learned during the classes into practice and achieve certification. Since launching the program in 2011, over 50 installers across the U.S. and Canada have joined been achieved Avery Dennison Car Wrap Certification.


By passing the Avery Dennison Car Wrap Certification Exam, the installer and company gain a listing on Avery Dennison's CarWraps.net directory. Businesses and individuals visit CarWraps.net every day to find reputable companies and installers that can wrap their vehicles. The website has become a great resource for connecting certified wrap companies to new business opportunities. 


The hands-on portion of the Avery Dennison Car Wrap Certification Exam focuses on installation techniques as outlined in the installation exam guide.  Students are required to exhibit their installation skills by applying Avery MPI 1005 Supercast films on a variety of vehicles.  Evaluation is based on cleaning, alignment of graphics, cutting edges and finishing techniques. The written exam is a one-hour multiple choice test based on the information available in the study materials (available to participants after registration).


There are two additional opportunities to take the Avery/Mutoh Car Wrap Training classes and Avery Dennison certification exam. Locations and dates include:


Houston, Texas, October 22-24

Seattle, Washington, October 25-27


For details on location, times and registration, visit our website. In addition, participants can submit requests to our Technical Serices Teamprior to the class explaining specific areas of interest and what they want to learn. These inquiries will be fit into the curriculum as appropriate.


For more information on Avery Graphics products, printers can visitwww.averygraphics.com to locate a distributor (on the Partner Page) or contact Avery Dennison at 800-282-8379.

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