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Cancer-Survivor Turned Go Kart Racer, Austin Elliott, is Committed to Winning

Sixteen year-old Austin Elliott hasn't looked back since the leukemia, he started battling at age five, went into remission three years later. He's well on his way to realizing his dream of becoming a professional race car driver. Austin is a successful Go Kart racer, competing at the senior level and making a name for himself across the United States. His passion for karting is shared by his mother, Sandra Booher, his family, friends and outside sponsors. His Uncle, Ron Winter, direct account manager, Western region for Avery Dennison, was thrilled to gain Avery Dennison's support in donating material to wrap Austin's racing trailer. 

 A week before Austin started kindergarten his mother recognized that something wasn’t right. She rushed him to the doctor and a blood test revealed that Austin’s platelet cells were being destroyed and his organs were shutting down. After three years of chemo and battling leukemia, in 2003, Austin emerged a level-headed, giving, well-liked and very focused young man. With the cancer in remission, Austin was ready to move on.

Austin’s passion for kart racing began after he drove a fun kart on a dirt track at a Fourth of July party at his uncle’s house. After that experience, he knew he wanted to race competitively. Racing is in his blood and part of the family tradition, his grandfather raced AA Fuel Dragsters, an Uncle and Great Uncle raced nostalgic dragsters and quarter midgets and his great cousin manufactures racing chassis’ in Elk Grove, California.

Austin’s Mom, Sandra Booher, is his biggest fan and spends all of her free time managing the logistics of the race team. She has the awesome job of assisting her son and watching him grow into a productive, well-rounded young man. The two of them have worked hard together through the ups and downs of his racing career.

After hard work and dedication on his climb up the racing ladder in the last 6 years, Austin now holds several top level racing accomplishments. They include becoming a three-time regional champion in 2010 and 2011, SKUSA Superkarts August 2011 “Driver On the Move” for TaG Sr. division, the #1 ranked driver of the year in 2010, and International Karting Federation driver of the year in 2009. Austin is making a name for himself in the karting world.  Hoping to add to his successful resume, his next stop is Las Vegas, Nevada later this year to compete against racers across the globe in the largest kart racing Super Nationals event in the United States.

Austin’s enthusiasm isn’t limited to racing his kart. He is also a hands-on mechanic as well. He has a shop at his home and spends many hours working on his kart before and after each race dismantling, cleaning, repairing parts and building the kart back to race-ready. He is also now a driving coach, tuner and mechanic for younger up and coming Jr. drivers as Austin has the gift and love of teaching others. He’s often at the race track helping other drivers and even during his own race days, helps fellow racers in need.

The trailer and team recently made the trek east to Pennsylvania to the World Karting Association George Kugler/Bridgestone Manufacturer’s Cup Series race. As a rookie Sr. driver, Austin finished sixth place among a field of 40 seasoned Sr. drivers at a track he had never seen before. According to, “Under the guidance of SKUSA Super Nationals winner Wesley Boswell, Elliott is developing into an outstanding young talent behind the wheel.”

Recognizing Austin’s commitment to racing and winning, Avery Dennison donated Avery MPI 1005 Easy Apply RS with DOL 1360 to wrap the Austin Elliott Racing team trailer. Custom Vehicle Wraps agreed to design, produce and install the graphics for free. They worked closely with Austin and Sandra, listened to their ideas and put them together into an awesome design on the trailer that is now traveling the highways of California and beyond. 

“Kwasi Boyd and his team were a complete joy to work with,” shares Sandra Booher. “Shortly after our meeting I was emailed a draft of the trailer wrap design to review. I was thrilled because it was just what we wanted. After a couple quick interactions with their designer, Michael Hufana, the Avery Graphics material was printed and installed on our trailer.”

”The trailer wrap is awesome,” says Austin. “We get so much attention on our way to the race tracks. Just traveling down the highway, we see people giving us the thumbs up and smiling.” The wrap design catches so many people’s attention – it’s a great way to show off the kart racing sport. “I’m thankful to Avery Dennison and Custom Vehicle Wraps for blessing us with such a nice gift,” adds Austin. “The wrap has also given us the opportunity to secure additional sponsorships by using the trailer to display sponsor business names.”

“Austin’s enthusiasm and passion for driving is impressive,” said Kwasi Boyd of Custom Vehicle Wraps Inc. “We’re proud to support him and congratulate him on his recent wins in Stockton.” 

Best of luck to Austin as he continues on the path of realizing his dream of becoming a professional race car driver. At Avery Dennison, we’ll be cheering him on!

For more information on Austin and his team, please visit his website at Custom Vehicle Wraps manufactures large format and grand format digitally printed full color graphics for clients around the U.S., learn more at

For more information on Avery Graphics products, printers can to locate a distributor (on the Partner Page) or contact Avery Dennison at 800-282-8379.

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