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One Remaining Opportunity to Learn Wrap Techniques from Justin Pate

There's only one Avery/Mutoh Car Wrap Training class that's open for the rest of 2011. It's November 7 - 9 in Seattle, Washington. He'll be using the new Avery Supreme Wrapping Film and Avery MPI 1005 Supercast Easy Apply RS films to illustrate the best techniques for vehicle wrapping. Justin's Universal Graphics Installation System (UGIS) saves installers time and money through efficiencies. Justin will be back in 2012 for more Avery Dennison Car Wrap Training classes so stay tuned! 

We hope you’ll join us at the last Avery/Mutoh Car Wrap Training class in 2011 in Seattle and try out Avery MPI 1005 Supercast Easy Apply RS films – they feature excellent printability and are easy to install.


Dave Lamb, owner of Signarama Ontario in the Los Angeles area, says, “Our son, Robbie, just completed the Justin Pate/Avery training class in Los Angeles and it was an outstanding experience toward his growing expertise doing wraps. The class is very intensive and the certification process is such that only the "best of the best" actually gain their certification. Highly recommended.”


The Avery/Mutoh Car Wrap Training Program is provides wrap installers with an in-depth understanding of graphic installation mechanics to gain a competitive advantage in the vehicle wrap industry. The two day workshop (optional 3rd day for a certification test*) focuses on all of the critical steps needed improve the quality and speed of car wrap installations. Class sizes will be maintained at a maximum of 15 students to allow for more one-on-one teaching.

Cost for the 2 day training session plus a certification test is $599. To sign up for the session near you, review the full schedule or to learn more about Avery Car Wrap Certificationvisit us online. In addition, participants can submit requests to Justin Pate ( prior to the class explaining specific areas of interest and what they want to learn. These inquiries will be fit into the curriculum as appropriate.

As a sponsor of the 2011 Car Wrap Training Program, Mutoh will provide printed graphics with their Mutoh ValueJet 1614-64". This printer is the "Wrapper's Choice" for speed, size and quality. It includes the i2: Intelligent Interweaving Print Technique, a dot control system that virtually eliminates banding and increases quality of output.

For more information on Avery Graphics products, pricing or roll sizes, printers can visit to locate a distributor (on the Partner Page) or contact Avery Dennison at 800-282-8379 for additional product information.

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