Printed Pixel Turns to Avery Dennison for Major Fleet Rebranding Project

Printed Pixel truck wrap

Tropical Cheese, one of the leading producers and distributors of Latino targeted dairy products along the East Coast, has an extensive branded fleet delivering its products. With the purchase of several new trucks and trailers, the company trusted long-time partner Printed Pixel to help with a rebranding project. The experts at Printed Pixel relied on Avery Dennison’s customer support and digital films and the results are turning heads on highways up and down the Eastern seaboard.


With its new trailers and trucks a blank slate, Tropical Cheese decided to freshen up its fleet graphics to make them more recognizable by showing the actual products and how they are served in new, high resolution photos and graphics.


George Kern, senior graphic designer at Printed Pixel, has been in the graphics industry for more than a decade and has worked on many fleet wrap projects. “Tropical Cheese started this project the right way. With the food stylist, photographer, fleet manager, marketing team and graphics specialists all in the room to kick-off the effort, the project moved quickly.” Together, they successfully created dynamic graphics for several new trailers in the company’s fleet.


A fleet graphic is an important investment. Testing new branding with the target audience can save time and money. Tropical Cheese solicited feedback on the newly created graphics for its fleet on Facebook and learned a valuable lesson before it was too late. Customers liked the blue sky and clouds on the original fleet graphics and identified them with the brand. So, the fleet designs were updated to incorporate customer feedback before final production began.


Dan Rozzo, business development manager at Avery Dennison Graphic Solutions, is a dedicated resource for fleet managers. He helps ensure the right Avery Dennison product is chosen for the job and can coordinate logistics by locating converters and installers around the country so the fleet isn't off the road longer than absolutely necessary.


“Dan Rozzo and Avery Dennison have always been supportive of our work,” said Kern. “Bringing Dan to a meeting with Tropical Cheese showed our customer that Avery Dennison cares about our work and stands behind its materials.”

The new fleet graphics were output on Avery Dennison MPI 1005 Supercast Easy Apply RS™ and protected with DOL 1060 gloss overlaminate. “Avery Dennison films have exceptional color gamut and are quick to install and easily conform around rivets and curves because of their patented Easy Apply RS™ feature,” said Kern. “Product performance and customer service from Avery Dennison are top-of-the-line.”

The new fleet wraps, installed on location at Tropical Cheese, on the 48’ and 53’ trailers are out on the road making deliveries on the Eastern seaboard. Meanwhile, Printed Pixel is wrapping several box trucks at its large indoor, temperature controlled facility.

The reviews on social media for both Tropical Cheese and Printed Pixel have been positive. The graphics and print provider has received several calls as a result of the photos it posted on its social network, including Instagram and Facebook. Meanwhile, fans of Tropical Cheese have been posting photos of the trucks on the road on social media – a true sign of success. A fan raved on Facebook, "That trailer looks so good it will make you hungry!"

“I’m looking forward to a continued relationship with Tropical Cheese and finishing up the fleet marking project,” continued Kern. “Avery Dennison helped make the project a seamless process with its products and customer service support.”


For more information on Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions products, training and certification, printers can visit or contact Avery Dennison at 800-282-8379 for additional information.


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