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A Look Back at the New Products of 2016

Avery Dennison released a bevy of new products in 2016, with 15 new films in total. These additions to our already outstanding film portfolio gave installers and print shops even more ways to work with our films. New colors, textures and digital print capabilities inspired some amazing projects, and we are excited to see what you do with them in 2017.

In April, we promoted two new product categories and two additions to one of our most popular lines. One such category was Transparent Colored Overlaminates. These films, available in orange, purple and green, allow installers to make all new color combinations with our Conform Chrome™ films, like this orange over Conform Chrome Silver wrap by Incognito Wraps.

The other new category was the MPI 2600 line of Digital Wall Films. These printable films came in three textures, Pure Canvas, Crushed Stone and Natural Stucco, along with a removable matte film MPI 2611. A great example of the new film in use is this swirl of color from the lobby of the Advantage Sign & Graphics Solutions office.

Along with these new lines of film, two new Giovanna Edition Supreme Wrapping Film™ colors made their debut. Satin Pearl Koko and Satin Azure furthered the wrapping film line’s reputation for durability and beauty. Phenomenal Vinyl showed off both these characteristics with an off-road vehicle wrapped in Satin Azure.

Following up strong releases in April, we introduced the Next Generation of Cast Film, MPI 1105, in June. A film with reliable, high-quality print performance across all digital platforms, MPI 1105 turns custom designs into larger than life graphics on vehicles, walls and plenty of other surfaces. Diamond Graphix from Texas transformed a big rig tow truck into a major statement with this film.

Finally, to cap off a successful Spring and Summer, we introduced the world to our own color-shifting films in the form of the Supreme Wrapping Film ColorFlow™ Series. Five different hues captured a range of colors inspired by nature. Rising Sun (Red/Gold), Urban Jungle (Silver/Green), Roaring Thunder (Blue/Red), Fresh Spring (Gold/Silver) and Rushing Riptide (Cyan/Purple) change their appearance in different light and at different angles for a truly captivating wrap. A picture of the Rushing Riptide from the official Avery Dennison photo shoot captures this effect perfectly.

2016 was a big year for Avery Dennison vinyl films, and you can expect the exciting developments to continue in 2017. We hope these films inspire you to start off the new year with some amazing projects.

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