Avery Dennison Wrap Films Showcased at Wrapscon

Wrapscon 2015 took place in Indianapolis on June 4 - 6, 2015. Multiple booths at Wrapscon featured Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film and MPI 1005 and were installed by the Masters of Branding (MOB), Jim Miller, Carbon Wraps and Justin Pate. Whether the installers were competing to wrap an Audi R8, showing off how to wrap a plane’s curves, or printing on a Mutoh printer, Avery Dennison wrap films were in the spotlight.

In the Masters of Branding booth, Milky Way, the newest color from the Limited Edition Supreme Wrapping Film Series inspired by Justin Pate, was used to wrap a Ford Focus. Justin even stopped by to check it out and help with the wrap!

The MOB installers are pictured below:

Top Row (Left to Right) Bottom Row (Left to Right)





  • Mike Zick,

    Mike Zick Installations Inc.

  • Chuck Courtois,

    Courty Wraps

  • Justin Pate,

    The Wrap Institute

  • Carl Brewer,

    The Wrap Installers

  • Jamie Mullican,

    Wrap Artist

  • Jeb Breitzke,

    BS Installations

  • Adam Blackman,

    34 Wraps

  • Ingram Johnson,

    Diamond Bar

  • Jeremy Conner,

    Who Did That

  • Russ Voigt,

    FlipSide Graphics

  • Kenny Tonn, Tonn Incorporated


Another installation team also wrapped Frank Feller’s Audi R8 in Avery Dennison MPI 1005. A blue, carbon fiber graphic was printed on the film using a Mutoh printer in the Mutoh booth. The installation was completed by five installers from Carbon Wraps, Miller Decals and Lettering Express, and the install broke wrap records. The entire installation only took 42 minutes, and an impressed Frank Fellers and Justin Pate were there to see the whole thing!


The installers are pictured below:

(Left to Right)

  • Steve Carney, Carbon Wraps

  • Jen Carney, Carbon Wraps

  • Clint Carney, Carbon Wraps

  • Jim Miller, Miller Decals

  • Charlie Trujillo, Lettering Express


Justin Pate got in on the Wrapscon action, too. In the Wrap Institute booth, Justin wrapped a small plane in Avery Dennison MPI 1005. A wood grain graphic was printed on the film using a Mutoh printer. Mutoh and Car Wrap City sponsored the wrap, located in the Demo Depot booth. The install demonstrated the digital film’s excellent conformability around curves and recesses.

For more pictures of Avery Dennison material, visit our Facebook page. To learn more about Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film or MPI 1005, visit graphics.averydennison.com.


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